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Our Japanese Swords, Katana, Samurai Swords, Shinken sword

We would like to offers and sell various Japanese Swords, Katana swords, Samurai Swords,Shinken swords with introducing Japanese Samurai spirit, Bushido and Japanese culture in this site. We can sell ready-made Iaito swords, custome-made Iaido swords and custom-made Shinken made by modern swords-smiths, including antique katana swordsk, Armor and the other Antique products. Our swords are highest quality in Japan. All our products(not only Shinken swords but also all Iaito swords, Tsuba and every Kanagu) are made by hand of skillful swords-smiths and crafts-men who have intangible cultural treasure class skill

What was Japanese swords "Katana" for Samurai

For Samurai, "Katana" was more important than his life, and "Katana" was equal with soul for Samurai.
As a result, the blade of "Katana" have not only tough and sharp but also very beautiful...

Photo Gallery of Swords-Smith and Iaido Player
Video of making process(forging ironTamahagane) of blade ofour Shinken Sword

**April 3th 201鐚 New Information**
We will be able to sell great HIGOTORA brand Japanese Shinken swords from April 2016.
Please check those Page as follows,
HIGOTORA brand Japanese Shinken swords http://www.jidai.jp/higotora.asp

**December 25th 2015 New Information**

Swords-smith [Mistutoshi Ogawa] won Mukansarize!
So,Swords-smith [Mistutoshi Ogawa] became Mukansa Swords-smith!

[Mukansa] meaning: "without judgment", meaning that his swords are of such a high level that they are displayed at the annual contemporary sword-smith exhibition without examination of a panel of judges; no further awards will be granted, since the swords are above competition."

So, His father is also a Mukansa Swords-smith!

They are a great feat as swords-smith !

**November 10th 2015 New Information**

Our web site was introduced by CNN.com

**August 10th 2015 New Information**

Recently, we knew Incorrect knowledge about forge(Kitae) and lamination of blade throughout the world,
So we made web page correct page of it as follows,

forge(Kitae) and lamination

**June 19th 2015 New Information**

We did tour of forging the blade of Shinken sword demonstation for customer from Switzerland at July 15th.
The customer experienced forging the blade too

**June 09th 2015 New Information**

Now material cost is increasing, so we are sorry that we have to raise the price by weak yen by little and little.

**May 15th 2015 New Information**

We wrote how to order custom-made Shinken Sword "means Real authentic sharpened Japanese sword" at those page as follows,
Shinken Sword Page

**FEb 25th 2015 New Information**

We found more useful web site about Japanese swords than our site
So we introduce it like as follows,
If you interested in Japanese swords and get more knowledge about it,
We suggest you refer those web site.
THE JAPANESE SWORD GUIDE http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/

**Jan 17th 2015 New Information**

Price of products in this web site had been being operated at the same time as currency exchange rates since Jan 15th 2015.

**Dec 07th 2014 New Information**

We hear that sometimes our confirmation e-mail is misclassified as spam. So, our confirmation e-mail can be rejected your emal Server. If you are not able to receive our confirmation email when you order, Please check your spam folder of your mailer software or please contact to our email as follows,


**Dec 01th 2014 New Information**
We released Movie "Japanese sword and Samurai Spirits in Japan" and "Seppuku(Harakiri)for Samurai in Japan"
on this page as follows,

Please check the movie !

**November 15th 2014 New Important Information**
We found that sometimes our products are not able to purchased by Google Chrome. Because Google Chrome become was changed that it do not keep cookie information correctly. Then we suggest that you use Internet Explorer or Firefox to purchase our products.

**November 11th 2014 New Information**
We made our official FacebookPage "Jidai Sworda" as follows,

Jidai swords Facebook Page

We will write new information about our products as much as possible.

Please inquiry any question for our products

**September 6th 2014 New Information**
At last!We started to sell Shinken"Sakabato" of movie "Rurouni Kenshin" for fan.

Please check those Page as follows,

**July 25th 2014 New Information**

We found a competent engraver.
So we are able to engrave name of customer on the blade of our every Iaito Swords like as follows picture.

The addtinal cost is US$10.00 Per 1-character.

So If you would like to engrave your name on the blade of Iaito you odered, Please email the request after you order our Iaito. after we will send email to pay the additional cost.

We are sorry that we are not developed enough to shopping cart system to select the choice of the engraving name of customer yet.

Then you are not able to select the choice of the engraving your name at our shopping cart system.

** May 24th 2013 New Information**

We tied-up with Japanese swords shop in Osaka

Please come and see for yourself.
The pictures of the shop is as follows,

The shop of our new partner

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