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Our Japanese Swords, Katana, Samurai Swords, Shinken sword
We would like to offers and sell various Japanese Swords, Katana swords, Samurai Swords,
Shinken swords with introducing Japanese Samurai spirit, Bushido and Japanese culture in this site.
We can sell ready-made Iaito swords, custome-made Iaido swords and custom-made Shinken made by modern swords-smiths, including antique katana swordsk, Armor and the other Antique products. Our swords are highest quality in Japan. They are made by hand of most skillful swords-smiths and crafts-men who live in Seki or Mino in Japan.
What was Japanese swords "Katana" for Samurai
For Samurai, "Katana" was more important than his life. "Katana" was equal to soul of Bushido.
So "Katana" had to be not only tough and sharp but also beautiful...

Photo Gallery of Swords-Smith and Iaido Player
Video of making process(forging ironTamahagane) of blade ofour Shinken Sword

**September 6th 2014 New Information**
At last!We started to sell Shinken"Sakabato" of movie "Rurouni Kenshin" for fan.

Please check those Page as follows,

**July 25th 2014 New Information**

We found a competent engraver.
So we are able to engrave name of customer on the blade of our every Iaito Swords like as follows picture.

The addtinal cost is US$10.00 Per 1-character.

So If you would like to engrave your name on the blade of Iaito you odered, Please email the request after you order our Iaito. after we will send email to pay the additional cost.

We are sorry that we are not developed enough to shopping cart system to select the choice of the engraving name of customer yet.

Then you are not able to select the choice of the engraving your name at our shopping cart system.

**@April 2th 2014 New Information**
New Existing Swords were uploaded!
Please click those picture as follows

Existing Swords Page

** February 5th 2014 New Information**

Accepting order of Shinken made by swords-smith"Son@of@Kanekuni Ogawa" is started in earnest. Please check those page as follows,

Parent-child of swords-smiths Kanekuni Ogawa and Mitsutoshi OgawaLs Page

** May 24th 2013 New Information**

We tied-up with Japanese swords shop in Osaka

Please come and see for yourself.
The pictures of the shop is as follows,

The shop of our new partner

** May 1st 2013 New Information**

We had Japanese Swords Shop of our partner company in Osaka Japan at last week. The shop have not only Japanese Swords but also various tool for Kendo, Judo or Karate( for example , Bokken ,Shinai and etc). Then If you everyone come to Japan, We will guide you to the shop. Then you will be able to purchase Katana while showing the real thing
If you would like to come to the shop, please contact by email to those email address as follows,


** April 5th 2013 New Information**
We began to sell valuable Existing ShinkenSwords!

Please check those URL as follows,
Existing ShinkenSwords

** February 7th 2013 New Information**
We are accepting order of custom Shinken swords. Now,you are able to commission to swords-smith KanekuniLs son to make your custom Shinken sword.

If you would like to order your custom Shinken swords, Please contact us as follows email,

**December 22 2012:Our New Plan started**

You are able to see the process of making Katana.
If you get interested, please contact us.
Jidai navigates a customer who wants to see the process of making sword to the factory.
If you would like to get further information, please contact us.

**November 11tn 2011 Information**
NEW Kanekuni-Shinken was completed!
Our swords factoryLs manager contacted us that new Shinken sword made by Swords-smith "Kanekuni Ogawa" like as folows URL, are finished making.

Shinken made by Kanekuni in 2011

Swords-smith "Kanekuni Ogawa" got the prize for a sword contest every year from 1996 to 2001.
Worthy of special mention in 1997¸ he was given "Takamatsu-no-Miya"prize.
The prize is given for the sword contest winner.
So¸he is one of the greatest sword smith in Japan.
The price may be roughly US$18,000.00
It is expensive.but we can negotiate with the factoryLs manager about the price.

NEW Masanao-Shinken was completed!
Our swords factoryLs manager contacted us that new Shinken sword made by Swords-smith "Kanekuni Ogawa" like as folows URL, are finished making.
Shinken made by Masanao in 2011

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