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No.1182003 Kanesafa Shinto Higo Koshirae
US$ 1562.00

#1182003 (Kanesada Shinto Higokoshirae) is replica of Katana"Izuminokami Fujiwara Kanesada"uesd by Toshizo Hizikata. Toshizo Hizikata (1835-1869) was the sub leader of SHIN-SEN-GUMI. His title was "Sub-Leader". SHIN-SEN-GUMI (1863-1869) was organized by many of lower class Samurai for the quard of Kyoto against the Riot in the end of Edo Period. Because of their radical activity & their strength in fighting, they were called "Mibu no Ookami"(Wolves in Mibu Area).

Specification of Products
Product NO. No.1182003
Product Name Kanesada Shinto Higo Koshirae
Price US$ 1562.00
(including shipping cost except to Africa and South America)
Term of Delivery About 4 - 5 weeks after you order
Blade length 2.60shaku;31.02inch
Blade Material Original tough duralumin(not sharp)
Blade weight 980g
Tsuka Black cow skin emaki & Real ray-skin(Doragon menuki)
Tsuba Silver Higo zogan (Silver inray)
Sageo Black silk
Kashira & Fuchi Silver inray
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