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No.3002003 Satsuma Koshirae
US$ 2361.00

Item #3002003 (Satsuma Koshirae) is replica of Katana used by Satsuma army During the 1870s. Leader of Satsuma army is Saigo Takamori.
This Katana is longer and heavy than the other average Katanas. The weight (1500g) of the Satsuma Koshirae is not including the sheath. He was one of the most influential samurai in Japanese history.
He is model of Katsumoto in movie "LAST SAMURAI".
He was later put in command of over fifty thousand samurai, a large part of the imperial army.
Saigo disagreed with the modernization of Japan and the opening of commerce with the West. The story of the samurai leader Katsumoto is a fictionalized version of the fate of Japan's real last samurai, Saigo Takamori.

Comparison of length of the other other average Iaito.

Specification of Products
Product NO. No.3002003
Product Name Satsuma Koshirae
Price US$ 2361.00
(including shipping cost except to Africa and South America)
Term of Delivery About 4 - 5 weeks after you order
Blade length 2.95shaku;35.19inch
Blade Material Original tough duralumin(not sharp)
Blade weight 1500g
Tsuka Black cotton emaki,two Mekugi,black cowskin same
Tsuba Hand Made square include two hole of Nukite
Sageo Black cotton
Blade length

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