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What is Bushido(Samurai) like as ollows

There is the following proverb in Japanese samurai road. (Japanese)"Bushi ha Kuwanedo Takayouji" The meaning of this proverb is
"How poor Samurai should not put its poverty on the table, even if he is poor, he must have an affluent attitude"
This meaning, this meaning is put in Japanese sword. Therefore, just by watching Japanese swords That everybody need to have such noble morality, and many Japanese feel that. For that reason, there are many non-religious people in Japanese, Many Japanese have Bushido spirit, then everyone acts morally. From such a meaning, Japanese sword is not a weapon to defeat the enemy. It can be said to be a tool to train himself. In other words, holding a Japanese sword will have a Japanese sword to train yourself instead of using it as a weapon. Therefore, you can train its spirit just by watching Japanese swords.
Well, as a similar English proverb we have "One must put on a brave display even in adversity." This is the important thing to have a Japanese sword.

Here are the Summaries.

1.Hagakure Bushido
If it says which is Hagakure Bushido, it will be the Bushido of the Age of Civil Wars. Hagakure Bushido is the view which prizes "heart" and "reality."

2.Tokugawa Bushido
By using Confucianism as backbone, the Tokugawa Bushido is intellect and moral and values order. Moreover, the Tokugawa Bushido has put emphasis on responsibility of samurai in the law-governed state house.
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