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Our Factory

All our swords are hand made by swords-smith of factory at Seki in Japan. The factory "Minosaka" is old-established by sword-smiths from more than 400 years ago. So the factory made many real swords from Muromachi Period (A.D.1338 - A.D. 1573). Seki City is in Gifu Prefecture has been known as city of Japanese Swords Production for more than 800 years.


In Muromachi Period (A.D.1338 - A.D. 1573), there were more than 300 swords-smiths in Seki City. In the end of Muromachi Period (A.D.1560-A.D.1575), Nobunaga Oda (Hegemonist in Sengoku Period in Japan, he was from Gifu Pref.) highly valued the Swords produced in Seki City.
Since then, many swords-smiths, various crafts-men and black-smiths in Seki City had been alive.
More than 90% of Katanas are made in Seki City in Japan.

Pictures of Our Crafts-men Working

Sharping katana
sharping katana

Sharping katana
sharping katana

Adjustment katana parts
adjustment katana parts

Adjustment katana parts
adjustment katana parts

Checking quality of blade
checking quality of blade

Checking defomation of blade
checking defomation of blade

Completed swords
completed swords
completed swords
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