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How to order

[Payment method]

If you see this site by Cell Phone, Please see by computer again.

1. Credit card or Paypal

Settle the account through Paypal site by your credit card information.

Please select "Credit card or Paypal account", when you select payment method on our check out page.
After you complete to order our site, you can go to Paypal site. Please go to Paypal site soon.
You can pay by Credit card or Paypal account.
If you don't pay on Paypal site, your order is canceled.v

[How to order]

Step-1. Please select amount and your request, then click "add to cart" button of purodcut you want.
Step-2. If you want to check in the cart, please click "check in the cart" button.
Step-3. If you want to check out, please click "Proceed to check out " button.
Step-4. If you buy our product first time,please click "First time shopping is here" button.
Step-5. If you have registered last time, please click "Member is here" button, and input your Email and password. Then your address is expressed.
Step-6. Please input your infomation and select paymant and check again,then click "Confirm order" button.
Step-7. After you confirm your infomation and your order,please click "Order" button. Then you can finished to order.

[How to order by "custom order"]

Step-1. Order by custom order form
If you click "Custom order "button in the page of each products,you can see "Contact us". Please send your request to us from [Contact us Page]. If you order from order page, the check mail about your order will be delivered to you and us automatically. If you do not receive it, you might have entered your mail address wrongly. In such case, please advise us the correct addrress via a CONTACT US or email like as followes.

Our Email:7seasnet@gmail.com

When you order our puroduct by the form, you must not forget to write mail to itemNo. of product you want.

Step-2. (We will send you mail)
We will send you the confirmation mail in 5days with the delivery date and the total amount.

Step-3.(Your accept and payment)
After you checked our mail, if you are okay at the total amount, please give us the mail of confirmation in 5 days, and pay the total amount to us 21 days.

Step-4(We make product that you ordered and delivery)
When we receive the payment, we will start making product that you ordered.
Most of Our products are handmade by the expert(Shokunin).
So it takes 2week(shortest creation period) - 2month(longest creation period) for him that he make it. When we finished making your ordering product and shipping it ,we send you the mail the delivery date and the invoice. If you don't receive the parcel in 2 weeks, please give us a notice.

[Attention for tax ,duty and permission of the importation of your country.]

Tax and duty Many of countries, there should be NO tax/duty charged for those ART and Antique besides accesories and re-production pieces. However there are some exceptions and might cause certain import tax or might need due documentations for approval of Japanese sword and matchlocks. We would suggest to consult with local custom officer to verify involved import duty or tax at destination and local Commissioner of Police, Arms & Explosives Branch(or retalive organization) for approval/permission of the importation. Those duty or tax at destination,any other fee outside Japan and permission of importation is at buyers risk.

[About Shipping]

We send your parcel by EMS(Express Mail Service by Japan Post )


Please check the goods when you receive. If there is any defects, please claim for damage to post office. EMS cost is included the insurance. If you find damage of product by in transit.The first thing you have to do is bringing broken products and package to the your post office and then they admitted the product is damaged they pay for you. That is the regular EMS insurance system.
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