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We began selling Japanese swords to the whole world from 2002.
We areproud of having continued to supply the highest level Iaito and Japaneaae Shinken Swords,
Custom-made Japanese Shinken sword

Since starting this business,
We think that it is thanks to our customers that we have been able to last 16 years.
Certainly the Japanese sword we are supplying is more expensive than
The Japanese sword selling by other Shop.
We sell only modern age swords because it is difficult to appraise the old swords and know their true value.
Many of our clients are iaido fighters (a Japanese sword-based martial art) who favor new and inexpensive weapons.
However, we can supply to our customers that the Japanese swords we are supplying it.

The material of the Japanese sword is iron just called Tamahagane. However,
When the iron becomes a Japanese Shinken sword,

It becomes more beautiful than gold and silver.
No, it will be more beautiful than diamonds

More recently there are Japanese sword shops on many websites,
But among them we only are able to accept the original custom made Japanese Shinken sword.
For example, it is to make your own original Japanese Shinken sword
Such as sculpting the original name on the blade, sculpting a favorite pattern,
Or making Saya's design original.
However, the price is expensive. it is at least US$ 17,000.00
If you would like to order such a custom made Japanese Shinken sword,
Please check the following page first,

About Japanese Shinken Sword

Also our price range for Iaito sword is roughly US$500.00 to US$1500.00.
But we able to supply the finest quality blade Iaito sword.
You can purchase this Iaito sword on the shopping cart system of this website.

About our Japanese Swords, Katana, Samurai Swords, Shinken Japanese sword

Since 2002 we began selling Japanese swords overseas on the Internet. Since then, We have been selling Japanese traditional crafts and Japanese swords, But now we sell only Japanese swords overseas.
Japanese sword was a spirit for Samurai.This Japanese sword is very beautiful and elegant and has the power to attract everyone's heart. We would like to tell overseas people the appeal of the Japanese sword through the sale of Japanese sword. By all means,
Please touch the splendor of Japanese sword at the opportunity of visiting this website.

Custom-made Japanese Shinken sword made in2017
Photo Gallery of Swords-Smith and Iaido Player
Movie of making process(forging ironTamahagane) of blade of our Shinken Japanese Swords

Septembe First 2021 News

At last we were able to start to resume accept orders from the U.S.A.!
Because of Japan Post has resumed EMS service to the U.S.A. effective

2021 News

Impact of COVID-19

**May 15th 2021 New Information**
We are sorry that it is impossible to ship our any products to the United States, because of Japan Post continues to refuse to ship cargo to , as the covid-19 infection in the United States has not yet

2019 News

Our office has moved from Kobe to Nara, but this website will continue to operate

**May 15th 2018 New Information**

We made page of [Sword for Japanese People] like as follows,

What is Japanese Sword for Japanese People

**June 28th 2018 New Information**

Our Iaito swords was recognized as the highest quality Iaito sword by NBTHK in Japan at this month.

**June 19th 2017 New Information**

We started to sell Old Japanese swords that made in in old age. at least they made in before 1950.
The oldest Japanese sword is Muromachi Period.
Please check those page as follows
Ready Made Shinken Swords

**May 02th 2017 New Information**

We would like you to make a request to us at least one week in advance for us, if you would like me to take you to real Japanese swords shop of our partner shop, when you will come to Japan. because real Japanese swords shop of our partner shop is in Osaka,but our office is in Kobe.

**April 21th 2017 New Information**

We added page of Glossary of Japanese sword as follows,
Glossary of Japanese sword

**April 21th 2017 New Information**
A customer came to Japan bought Shinken sword that is US$ 5000.00. like as follows at our partner Shop

Please click those picture.

**March 01th 2017 New Information**

We added page about Certification Japanese sword like as follows,
Certification of Japanese Sword

**March 01th 2017 New Information**

We opened New Web site About Japanese Chef Knife like as follows,
Jidai Japanese Chef Knives Shop

**December 15th 2016 New Information**

We introduce thatSkill of Japanese Swords-smith Mitsutoshi Ogawa who is son of Japanese Swords-smith Kanekuni Ogawa
Please click those link as follows

Skill of Japanese Swords-smith Mitsutoshi Ogawa

**December first 2016 New Information**

We found the standard price of the our Sword made by our swords-smith Mitsutoshi Ogawa is 3,500,000yen !
Please check those web site
mean Mitsutoshi Ogawa
A standard price-list ofJapanese Shinken sword
We always sell the sword around 1,800,000 yen.
About our custom-made Shinken Japanese Swords

**November 26th 2016 New Information**

Just Now, if you ordered our Iaito Japanese sword for this 2016 Christmas present,
It may not be completed before Christmas.
Because, this season, our craft-men receive many order.
We appreciate your understanding.

**November 26th 2016 New Information**
Now,Yen is a little weak.
Then Price of all our Japanese swords is a little cheap.

Now Good timing to buy our products!

**November 13th 2016 New Information**

We wrote about the step of buying and bringing Japanese Shinken sword out to your country as follows.

Japanese Shinken sword page

**November 4th 2016 New w Information**

For people live in U.K.

If you live in U.K. and you import every Japanese sword,
you must be under any of the following

a) You are a member of the British Kendo Association
b) You are a member of a dojo registered with the British Kendo Association
c) You are able to prove to be a collector of Japanese swords
d) You are able to prove to manage the museum.

**October 20th 2016 New Jidai Japanese swords Shop New Information**

Making Tamahagane iron by tatara iron making method at Osafune in Okayama prefecture as follows,

**September 26th 2016 New Jidai Japanese swords Shop New Information**

To people who would like to come real Japanese swords shop in Japan

We are sorry that we have no real shop.
Usually, we receive order by e-mail or on this website only. after we receive the order, we request our factory to make it.and it takes roughly at least eight months to make it. 1If you would like to go to real Japanese swords shop in Japan, please email us. we are able to inform every one the address and phone number of our partnerツエs real Japanese swords shop.
It is in Osaka.

**September 26th 2016 New Jidai Japanese swords Shop New Information**

Recently, we receive many request about making custom blade for Japanese Iaito sword, but we are sorry that it is impossible for us custom blade for Iaito sword. Because, the blade of all our Iaito sword is ready-made.
Please be understanding of this.

**September 6th 2016 New Jidai Japanese swords Shop New Information**

We (Jidai Japanese swords Shop)are preparing to open New Web shop that will sells is Japanese Chef Knives made by black-smith like Japanese swords smith .we are looking forward you will visite the Web Shop.

**September 5th 2016 New Jidai Japanese swords Shop New Information**

Neon Genesis Evangelion and Japanese swords exhibition was was held in Osaka in July 2016

Neon Genesis Evangelion and Japanese swords exhibition was was held in Osaka

**April 3th 2016 Jidai Japanese swords Shop New Information**
We will be able to sell great HIGOTORA brand Japanese Shinken swords from April 2016.
Please check those Page as follows,
HIGOTORA brand Japanese Shinken swords http://www.jidai.jp/higotora.asp

**December 25th 2015 Jidai Japanese swords Shop New Information**

Swords-smith [Mistutoshi Ogawa] won Mukansarize!
So,Swords-smith [Mistutoshi Ogawa] became Mukansa Swords-smith!

[Mukansa] meaning: "without judgment", meaning that his swords are of such a high level that they are displayed at the annual contemporary sword-smith exhibition without examination of a panel of judges; no further awards will be granted, since the swords are above competition."

It was showcased by NBTHK website like as follows,

NBTHK[Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai(the Society for the Preservation of Japanese swords as Art of work Japanese swords)] in Gifu Japan

So, His father was also a Mukansa Swords-smith!

They are a great feat as swords-smith !

**July 20th 2015 Jidai Japanese swords Shop New Information**

Our Website was showcased worldwide by CNN News as follows
Japanese sword by CNN News

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If you would like to make related link to our page with your site, Please email us. ;master@jidai.jp

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