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Japanese Armors For Samurai (Kacchu)

These Japanese armors for Samurai is called "Kacchu". "Kacchu" is not only protecter against enemy's attack by Japanese swords,but also pride of Samurai family in time of peace. So the desigin and style is different from Samurai class to class, Samurai family to family. These "Kacchu" had not been made after Boshin War. (Boshin War was battle between Tokugawa shogunate army and new government army in 1868-1869) Because these "Kacchu" was protecter against Japanese sword, But from the war rifles was used mainly as weapon.
We can make and sale about many "Kacchu" that are varius General's design.
(Tokugawa,Toyotomi Hideyoshi ,Takeda Shingen etc.)
If you want to buy "Kacchu" , please contact us about your hope. The price of these "Kacchu" are nearly from 200,000yen to 2,000,000yen We can accept your order of custom-made "Kacchu"

These "Kacchu" ( Japanese armors) are high grade hand-made, ,Becauce thses are made by experts that are very few in Japan So it takes about for 2month-3month that they will make the Kacchu.

If you want custom-made "Kacchu", please contact us about details of order. So,We will send you the confirmation mail in 10days with the delivery date and the total amount.

If you purchase antique Japanese Armor,
Please click those LINK as follows,
Samuri Armor Catalog Page

If you want to see catalog of these "Kacchu", please send us mail your name and email address by the form on this Page as follows, Soon URL of the pictures of Japanese armor catalog is sent automatically.
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