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Messages from our Costomers

Thank you for your messages.
We promise to do our best to provide high-quality products to you.
Sylvain Naud-san 2008/04/10
Hello Japan, Just to let you know that I have received my Iaido and am very happy with the quality of the item. I will not hesitate to recommand Jidai.jp to my friends. Many thanks again.
Leonie Lucas-san 2008/04/07
The parcel arrived safely today. Thank you so much for the prompt and efficient service.
Henk Son-san 2008/03/24
I have received the sword and want to thank you. It is beautifull.
Guillermo Mananes-san 2008/03/21
Fortunately, yesterday I received my new Iaito. Thank you very much for your quick service.
Minendo Kuchevo-san 2008/2/26
Your site is the best of all world, thank you !
Gergana Staykova-san 2007/12/18
Dear Friends, I love the sword, and the customer service. Thank you.
candylover-san 2007/09/17
Hello, great site. I found here many interesting information. Thank u very mutch!
Kachanon-san 2007/04/28
Dear Sir, I have already received my iaito(Masamune). It is very beautiful and come with perfect condition. Communication with work team is fast and clear. Shipping is fast and easy to track. Every thing is impressive. I want to possess a Japanese sword for more than 10 years. My dream becomes true now. Thank you very much and best regards.
Patrick Kneefel-san from The Netherlands 2007/04/10
Hello, Three days ago I received my Higo Koshirae. I could have received it 2 weeks ago if the Dutch customs would not have been on strike... The iaito is everything I hoped it would be. It is very well made, balance feels very good to me and it is gorgeous. Also your service is great. All my questions have been answered thoroughly and quickly. I will recommend your business to my fellow students at our dojo. Thank you very much.
Gal Prager-san 2007/03/16
Hello,currently im studying Muso Shinden ryu Iaido,I would like to continue with it,if you know any well known dojos in the country side or cities in japan I would appreciate it very much. Also I would just like to tell you that I will save up money and once I have it I would order a shinken, and a new iaito, I really need a new iaito my old one is really in bad shape, I have it for 4 years and the cloth on the tsuka is falling apart, and the tsuba is loose, is this common. ( by the way your iaito look in greater quality than mine, I showed my sensei this website he was very impressed by your swords. he wants to recommened this site to his other students ) Thank you again,Gal
Lays Julien-san 2006/08/12
Good morning. I have just received my Shinto higo koshirae (1112003) yesterday, and I have to congratulate you, this is really over wat I expected from your corporation, in few words, I have had a lot of Iaito and this one is really the best that I have ever seen, the blade is amazingly beautiful, the balance is simply exceptionnal, the hamon is also excellent, and I will stop here, cause, this Iaito is so amazing, that I could speak about it during a very long time. And I also have to congratulate you about the speed of the execution of my order and from the very good way that you had brought me information etc... So I have to thanks you, and all the people who have worked on my Iaito, a lot.
Peter de Jong-san from The Netherlands 2006/07/12
Dear mr. Shunsuke Okashita, Yesterday my new Iaito arrived! The Topei Koshirae with the tsuka wrapped in brown leather. I think the sword is absolutely beautifull, a true piece of art!!!! I have not yet done real practise with it, but I did make some cuts though, and the blade has great balance, and as a side effect, the sound is great ;-) I wish to thank you very much for your great correspondence and service and also please compliment the sword smith for crafting this beautifull sword. Your business will be recommended by me to any-one looking for a good sword.
Christoph Holzner-san 2006/06/29
Dear master! I already recieved my Jidai Koshirae Iaito today and Iエm truely happy with it! It has no damage and looks great! In my oppinion itエs the best Iaito I have ever seen!! It also had been sent to me after 4 weeks after I ordered it, which is a very good time I think! So I have to say a very big THANKS to everybody who had to do with it and a special thanks to Shunsuke Okashita for his quick and helpful answers to my requests- Arigato Gozaimashita!
Jean-san from Belgium 2006/04/21
I received my Jidai Koshirae Iaito (1012003) yesterday right in time for my usual Iai-Jutsu training session. Everything is rock solid and well tight. The balance is perfect and a nice Tachi Kaze gives a good feedback about the quality of your cuts. Although the sword is very light (790 grams for 2.40 Nagasa)the blade is tough and not at all "whippy". Very good for people with old joints like me ;-). I had the opportunity to choose the Tsuka length with only a small additional cost. This is not very common within this price range. No doubt that I have a good new companion for many hours of Iai training. I would like to say that Shunsuke Okashita San is one of the kindest and most honorable person I met on the internet. He will certainly do his best to provide you with a perfect Iaito. Happy training to all !
Not to long ago I placed an order on the Replica Iaito No.yk006 Muramasa. Today I received it and it is amazing. Everything about it is finely made, from the blade to the tsuba. Thank you and I hope we can do business again!
Steve Coulson-san 2006/02/06
Dear Jidai, Thank you vey much for my Iaito, which I have now received. I ordered No.1072003 Musashi Koshirae with silk Tsuka, and it is fantastic. Immaculate finish, feels solid, no rattles or loose fittings, and looks absolutely amazing... Nobody else in my Iaido dojo had heard of the Jidai website, but I shall be recommending your company to them - especially as one of them has experienced problems with the product supplied by a well-known Iaito supplier. The Iaito was dispatched in a little over 3 weeks from my order, and arrived four days later. Outstanding service from start to finish, very happy indeed. Thanks again,
Will Figgins-san 2005/11/09
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the service at Jidai.jp. I put my order in not over a week ago, and recieved my Iaito yesterday! Talk about fast. Also, communication throughout was excellent by Shunsuke Okashita, with a very friendly tone. The item itself was very well packaged and in perfect shape. The look was far more beautiful than I anticipated and I love it (I got the YK006 Masumune). I was expecting the balance to be off a bit, since it was a replica blade, and while just a tad forward, it's more than worthy. I was a bit disappointed with the Tsuka-maki, as it's a tad loose and some of the triangles are not formed properly. Overall everything was excellent. The price, the service, and the product are all more than I expected! Thanks Shunsuke Okashita and Jidai.jp!
Roberto Valenzuela-san 2005/11/03
Dear Jidai, Just received my Jidai Koshirae iaito this morning. The fittings are extremely well-mounted, the blade has nice balance and curvature (as well as an extremely well-etched hamon), and the weight is just about what I was looking for. You have a great item at a greater price, and even completed and shipped it well ahead of schedule. Thanks for your prompt, friendly, and quality service! At least for Jidai Koshirae, I give jidai.jp my highest recommendation. I will almost definitely be buying from you again. ^_^
Emile van Heerden-san 2005/10/25
Dear Shunsuke san, It is a year now since I received the Doutanuki Kojiro Sasaki model iaito from you and am enjoying it very much. I have been using it regularly and would recommend your swords to any serious practitioner. The sword is not only very pretty but is well balanced and of high quality. I thank you and I thank the gentleman that made this sword.
namdai-san 2005/02/15
waoooo!!! i have received the iaito yesterday, It is very beautiful and high quality . i like it very much . thank you very much for your beautiful iaito ! i hope i can order a shinken to you soon . :-)
Douglas-san 2005/02/07
I received the Iaito yesterday, it arrived in perfect condition. It is very beautiful and has very nice balance and feel. Hopefully, it will provide many years of hard work and training. Thank you so much!
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