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Ready Made Shinken Swords

All Japanese Shinken swords on this page are sold at our partner 's Japanese sword shop.
Therefore, I do not know when it will sell.
If you find Japanese sword you want to purchase with this page's Japanese Shinken swords,
Please contact us first by e-mail those e-mail like as follows.


Then we will ask the store to see if the Japanese sword has not yet been sold.
If that Japanese sword has not yet been sold and you can purchase it,
We will contact you with the deadline and the current price of that Japanese sword.
So please pay the amount.
When we can confirm your payment,
We will apply for export license to the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
And when we can obtain the permit,we will ship the Japanese sword to you.
Please acknowledge the above-mentioned matter.

From here it is a matter of caution
However, when you purchase these Japanese Shinken swords,
You must pay for the money by bank transfer.
Also, although it is a note of additional notes,
When exporting such Japanese Shinken sword to foreign countries,
We have to apply for export permission to the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
It takes about four weeks to apply for the period until obtaining the export license.
Therefore, we can not ship after at least 4 weeks after payment of payment, so please understand.

All Japanese Shinken swords of this page are made in old age.
at least they made in before 1950.
The oldest Japanese sword is Muromachi Period that is AD1336 - AD1573.

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