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Existing Swords

From April 5th 2013, We started to provide existing swords that had been owned by someone in sometime from the ancient time as of today. Existing swords are classified into three categories by era made as follows;
are the Shinken swords manufactured before "Decree banning the wearing of swords" was issued in 1876(Meiji 9).
are the Shinken swords manufactured for 180 years, from 1596 to about 1781, which was from Keicho era to Anei era in Edo period. Particularly those made in Genroku era were splended and beautiful.
are manufactured for about 600 years, aftre the middle of Heian period to the Bunroku era, 1592-1596, in Azuchimomoyama period. They were made for in actual warface. The blade has the style of Shinogi-zukuri and has sori(curvature).

The Quality
The swords manufactured before Meiji period have the highest quality as they were made of pure Watetsu (Tamahagane). So, if they look having rust on the surface, they are able to regain those beauty and sharpness by Togi(sharpning).

How to purchase and the step
Every swords on this page is selling at shop of our patener company. So We don't know when they will be sold. Then if you would like to puchase, First, please reserve to buy while clicking icon "Reserve to buy".
Reserve fee is US$10.00 When you pay the reserve fee, we confirm the owner of the sword that the sword is sold or not soon. and we will contact you ASAP. If the sword is sold out, we will pay back the reserve fee , but if you will cancel to buy, however the sword is not sold out, we will not pay back the reserve fee US$10.00

Step-1:Please confirm the customs of your country block to import Shinken sword or not necessarily, before pay           the reserve fee US$10.00 (Because customs of some country block to import Shinken Sword as weapon.)

Step-2:We will cofirm the owner of the sword that the sword is not sold out or not yet ASAP.

Step-3:If the ownner keep the sword yet, we contact you.

Step-4:You pay the all amount of the price by bank transfer to our bank account

Step-5:When we confirm your payment, we must apply the permit to export Shinken Sword to foreign country           for Cultural Affairs Agency of Japan. It takes roughly three weeks.

Step-6:When we receive the permit from Cultural Affairs Agency of Japan, we will ship it to you.

(Note):Every sword will be shipped , after the blade is sharpening and poloshing by expert.

1-Shinken RUOUNI KENSHIN-Sakanba-To

1. Making Age:Modern age(Gendai):2013-2014
2. Blade Lenght:very long blade(85cmm)
3. No Koshirae, OnlyShirasaya Japanese sword mounting .
4. This sword is a fairly rare commodity.
Wonderful quality Shinken Sword used by Samurai[Himura Kenshin] on the famous and popular Movie:[Rurouni Kenshin ]



Making Age:Beginningof Edo period(roughy 1688)
Blade Lenght:66.2cm


3.KaShu-Kiyomitsuwith with expert-evidence

Making Age:Kamakura period(1185-1333)
Blade Lenght:very long blade(85cmm)
This sword is a fairly rare commodity
With Expert-Evidence


4.Shinken sword made by Unshu-Sadanori

Making Age:Gendai(1991)
Blade Lenght:71.4cm

This Swords-Smith"Unshu-Sadanori" is intangible cultural treasure in Japan


5.Shinken sword made by Bishu-Sumisada

Making Age:Muromachi period(1337-1573)
Blade Lenght:68.6cm

They said that about when Nobunaga Oda went to Kyoto,this this sword was made.


6.Shinken sword made by Kaneshiro

Making Age:Muromachi period(1337-1573)
Blade Lenght:71.6cm
Madein Mino area(Seki-city of our time)


7.Shinken Sword made by Fujita-Dokuryu-Tsugihei

1.Making Age:Middle of Edo period (roughly 1782)
2.Blade Lenght:70.0cm
3.With Expert-Evidence


8.Shinken Wakizashi made by Den-Magoroku

1.Making Age:end of Muromachi period(1500-1573)
2.Blade Lenght:33.7cm
3.Made in Mino area(Seki-city of our time)

This sword is O-wazamono.

Saijo O-wazamono - (best cutting swords)
O-wazamonoo - (excellent cutting swords)
Ryo-wazamonoo - (very good cutting swords)
Wazamono o- (good cutting swords)


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