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Our Shop of Partner Company

In reality, we have no real Japanese swords Shop. There is our Partner's Japanese Swords Shop in Osaka.
It is as those four pictures like as follows,
This shop is not open for Japanese citizens' holidays and Sundays.
This Japanese sword shop is one of the largest stocks in West Japan.
And the selling Japanese sword price range sells the finest Japanese sword of US$ 200,000 from the Japanese sword of US$5,000 dollars
If it is a cheap Japanese sword, we also sell about US$2,000 dollars of Japanese swords If you would like me to take you to real Japanese swords shop of our partner shop, when you will come to Japan.
We would like you to make a request to us at least one week in advance for us.

Of course you are able to purchase various Shinken swords while checking real Shinken swords
When you contact us that the date of visiting in Japan, we are able to take you to our partner's real shop.

But if you purchase any Shinken sword, it is impossible for you to bring it out from Japan soon.
Because, to export or to bring it out from Japan,
You must apply permit of export Shinken sword to Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.
It takes roughly one month to get the permit from Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs
The reason of need the permit is every Shinken sword is Important Cultural Properties for Japan.
If you purchase any Shinken sword, we are able to apply the permit to Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs instead of you. Although it is a fee-based service, we can accept all arrangements for delivery to your shipping address, including obtaining export permit from Agency for Cultural Affairs




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