Shinken made bySwords-Smith"Kanekuni Ogawa"

words-smith Kanekuni Ogawa got the prize for a sword contest every year from 1996 to 2001. Worthy of special mention in 1997, he was given "Takamatsu-no-Miya"prize.

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Japanese Shinken Sword

We are able to provide new "Shinken sword" that mean a real authentic sharpened Japanese Sword that is Real Authentic Sharpened Japanese Sword

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What is Bushido

General understanding Bushido is briefly summrised "a model, a dicipline and a moral in Samurai(=Bushi) society in Japan"

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How to Import Japanese Shinken Sword

Customs of some country block to import Japanese Shinken Sword as weapon

When you purchace Japanese Shinken Sword and import it, please attention,

Customs of some country block to import Shinken Sword as weapon

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