Significance and merit of having a Japanese sword

Significance and merit of having a Japanese sword

Japanese sword is one of the art items that Japan is proud of which is very beautiful and wonderful. Although this Japanese sword was an ancient weapon to use for fighting
Since the beginning of the Edo era 300 years of peace continued,  to have a Japanese sword has become a pride as a samurai.
So during the Edo era Japanese swords have changed from weapons to samurai transformed into art objects as pride of samurai.
By holding this Japanese sword, the samurai trained in mind and became stable.

It does not change even now.

People who possess Japanese swords in modern times will be able to train their heart, and their heart will become stable.
Because the beauty of the fearfully attractive blades (like as follows picture)of Japanese swords do so.

Therefore, having a Japanese sword for you is also a pride for yourself.