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yk003 Mutsumori Yoshiyuki(high quality thin blade) US$ 546.00

Mutsumori Yoshiyuki is replica of Katana used by famous samurai "Ryoma Sakamoto" at late Edo period. He was The "Director" of the unification of Japan. At the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate, when there were numerous fights between the royalists and the establishment, he sketched out the plot of the next new age from the viewpoint that Japan should be unified. He contributed greatly to the formation of the alliance between the Satsuma clan and the Choshu in 1866, and formed a trading company, "Kaientai," insisting on the importance of seeing the world and trading. But he, with his fellow Nakaoka Shintaro, was assassinated in the inn Omiya in Kyoto in 1867. There are two bronze statues of Sakamoto and Nakaoka erected in this graveyard


Specification of Products
Product NO. No.yk003
Product Name Mutsumori Yoshiyuki(high quality thin blade)
Price US$ 546.00
(including shipping cost except to Africa and South America)
Term of Delivery About 2 - 3 weeks after you order
Blade length 2.45shaku;29.23inch
Blade Material Original tough duralumin(not sharp)
Blade weight 800g
Tsuka Black cotton emaki & Real ray-skin
Tsuba Original
Sageo Black cotton

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