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Shikomi-Tsue Ninja
US$ 509.00

Sikomi-tsue was weapon for Ninja. The Shikomizue is a Japanese concealed sword disguised as a cane or walking stick. It was sometimes used by government officials in Japan in the Meiji period. The name Shikomi-zue is actually the name of a type of mounting, the sword blade was placed in a cane-like mounting (tsue), to conceal the fact that it was a sword. This mounting was used almost exclusively during the Meiji period, when the carrying of swords was banned. The blades used in these mountings were usually of poor quality. These mountings are not to be confused with the Shirasaya mountings, which were just plain wooden mountings with no decoration.


Specification of Products
Product NO. No.yk801
Product Name Shikomi-Tsue Ninja
Price US$ 509.00
(including shipping cost except to Africa and South America)
Term of Delivery About 2-3 weeks after you comfirm order
Blade length 2.45shaku;29.23inch
Blade Material Original tough duralumin(not sharp)
Blade weight roughly 820g
Saya Wrapped by cotton
Tsuka Black cotton

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